Bunita has been commissioned by the Donaueschingen Festival 2017 to write a work for Trombone and Orchestra.  The composition, called 'White Butterflies," is dedicated to the refugees of our planet, (which will soon be everyone, Bunita says).  Trombonist Abbie Conant is featured with the SWR Orchestra. 'White Butterflies' uses sound/acoustics to activate and stimulate the chakras and aura of the listener illuminating a peaceful, safe place deep inside.

The work is for Trombone, Orchestral Strings, Two Harps and Percussion (Piano/Celeste, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Tubular Bells)

Abbie and Bunita attended The National Music Camp in Interlochen together as teenagers. Read more about Abbie's incredible career here:

SWR information and Premiere here:

- Posted by Bunita April 6, 2017


Visit the archive pages to find out more about Bunita's past projects:

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    Photo by Erika Kuciw



Extensive, Comprehensive Interview of Marcus just published.

"A Bunita Marcus, genio della Musica Colta"
Italian journalist Filippo Bourignon's interview asks difficult questions about art and life.  Bunita is game. This interview is two years in the making.  Bourignon has studied scores and listened to every recording.  His insights into her music are fascinating-- "ruthless sensitivity; sinister chords; romance implanted on an informal structure of minimal sweetness."  Even Bunita's new directions outside music are explored. This is the most current, honest look at Bunita Marcus's music and life.

If anyone is willing to help translate this article to english, please get in touch!  Click here to send an email

- Posted by Bunita December 6, 2014


With best friend Clare Ascani, 2005

Regretfully, the music of Bunita Marcus is currently not available.

Bandcamp, CD Baby, Testklang and other recordings can still be brought online.

Dr. Marcus began tweeting as a work of art--shedding herself of secrets she no longer wants to keep.
These are strong personal and artistic statements.  Read only when you are in a comfortable/safe place.
They begin on September 6, 2014 and are ongoing for the moment.  
You can read the tweets @bunitamuse

- Posted by Bunita September 7, 2014


Squirt: 1997-2013  My Hero

Looking for Bunita?

Bunita is no longer on Facebook and she would like to ask all of her friends and fans to join her email list. There will be lots of activites in 2014 and we want to keep in touch. We will be expanding the website and presenting much more material about Bunita here. Click here to join Bunita's email list

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Photo by Jason Schoch

Hearing the Music in Your Mind, a workshop

Bunita Marcus is presenting a 60-minute workshop at the First International Deep Listening Conference at 3 pm on July 14th in Troy, NY entitled, "Hearing the Music in your Mind." This workshop will be an exploration into the unique sounds that resonate within a person and define that person. The workshop will investigate how music is made from human experience and imagination.



- Posted by Bunita July 9, 2013



"Reinventing the Grid"

Fresh new works presented by Bunita Marcus
Music by Georgia Bell, Albert Goncalves, Lisa Cay Miller, Ellen O'Meara,
Masami Tomihisa, Michael Vincent Waller
March 31st, 2:00 PM
Piano Magic, 78 Reade St. 5th Floor

- Posted by Bunita March 18, 2013


Morton Feldman
Flute and Orchestra 1978

Manuscript, score (p. 7)
Reproduced by permission of Universal Edition (London) Ltd.


Bunita Marcus Lectures on Feldman's Compositional Process and Orchestration

Bunita Marcus will be discussing Morton Feldman’s Compositional Process and Orchestration this November 1st at 2pm at Harvestworks in New York City. Harvestworks supports the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. This lecture will also be available via for people outside of New York City.

Dr. Marcus will take a close look at Feldman’s late works “Violin and Orchestra” and “Flute and Orchestra.” Excerpts from the manuscripts and vellums will be studied in detail. This will be in conjunction with the American premiere performances of these works by the SEM Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall on November 5th. This is part of the Beyond Cage Festival presented by the SEM Organization.

For more information see:

- Posted by Bunita October 8, 2012


Photo by Jason Schoch

Bunita Marcus' 60th Birthday Concert at Roulette, NYC  October 28th, 2012 at 3pm

This celebration of Bunita Marcus' birthday will consist of a concert, a screening of the film "Sleeping Women" and will be Testklang's official CD/DVD/Art Object Release in the US.  The concert will feature works from the CD, as well as "Julia" and "Untrammeled Thought," performed by Bunita Marcus and Christina Stripling.  The limited edition art object will also be on display.  Join Bunita at the reception following the concert and get your CD signed!

For more information see:

- Posted by Bunita October 8, 2012


Limited Edition Art Object

This art object, designed by Testklang artist Fabian Lefelmann, is part of the special collector's version of Bunita Marcus' recording released in celebration of her 60th birthday.  It includes the complete "Sugar Cubes" CD and DVD, plus an exclusive autographed photograph of Bunita Marcus, all embedded inside a stunning black cube.

For more information:

- Posted by Bunita October 8, 2012


CD/DVD Release

The innovative Testklang Recording Cooperative has designed a CD/DVD package based on Bunita Marcus' music.  There is a brilliantly performed and mastered CD of piano and ensemble works.  The DVD showcases a film based on Marcus' "Sleeping Women" by filmmaker Aron Kitzig, as well as three discussions with Testklang's Creative Team on how the complete project was conceptualized and produced.

To order your copy, please see:

- Posted by Bunita October 8, 2012


Photo by Erika Kuciw

Ensemble Adapter

Kitzig's background to film

Berlin, November 19th to 29th, 2011

Dr. Marcus will be in Berlin doing three lectures at Universität der Künste on her own music and the music of Morton Feldman. Dr. Marcus will be discussing her acoustic, spatial approach to composition in her own works (11/24) and will be giving two talks on Morton Feldman's work (11/22), the first being a study of how the "sound-mass" is developed and notated in Feldman, the second lecture will be a look at his compositional process from 1976 through 1987, with a detailed examination of vellums and the grid.


She will also be recording a new CD with the Adapter Ensemble of works mostly from the mid-1980's, including "Merry Christmas Mrs. Whiting" (1981) (for piano solo and an orchestration by Feldman for this ensemble), "Sugar Cubes," (1996) and "...but to fashion a lullaby for you..." (1988/98) (performed by pianist Marc Tritschler). "Sleeping Women," (1984) and "Lecture for Jo Kondo" (1985) to be performed by the members of the Adapter Ensemble. Bunita Marcus will be performing the speaking part of "Lecture for Jo Kondo," reading from the poem "Lowered and Illuminated" by Nico Vassilakis.


In addition, there will a performance on 11/24 of "...but to fashion a lullably for you..." at the ExRotaprint in Berlin. And, throughout this period, filmmaker Aron Kitzig will be doing a documentary film on Bunita, gleening stories about her compositions and her life in music.

- Posted by Bunita November 14, 2011


Bunita Marcus and composer John McGuire are featured in discussion with composer Lenore Von Stein. The subject is "Music and the Situation of Artists," on "The Facts." This is a four part series on MNN (Time Warner) Channel 67/68, RCN Channel 85, Verizon Channel 36 and the web at The first two discussions are now available on the website (, the last two parts will be broadcast in mid-December, 2011.

Please join us for this lively discussion.

- Posted by Bunita November 14, 2011


Photo by Jason Schoch

I am happy to announce that my favorite compositions from the 1980's are now available for direct download to your computer. You will be able to listen to the complete work before deciding to buy it. Compositions are available individually and as a discounted 80-minute album.  Starting in early November, "SOLO for Flute," performed by the fabulous Eberhard Blum (30 minutes) and the award-winning, "Two Pianos and Violin" (Aki Takahashi, Bunita Marcus, pianos, Linda Fischer, violin; 40 minutes) will also be available.  See

- Posted by Bunita September 26, 2011


Bunita has a new work under construction for three electric guitars. This work is written for the fabulous guitarist, Mark Stewart. The composition, "Her Majesty,"  is conceived as a madrigal for three lead guitars, and will feature Mark on one guitar with two simultaneous tracks pre-recorded by Stewart.

- Posted by Bunita August 30, 2011


Isabelle O'Connell has been doing sensational performances of Julia to rave reviews.

You can see a clip of her performance at the National Concert Hall in Dublin this past March on YouTube.

- Posted by Bunita August 16, 2011


Burnt by Bunny is back by popular demand!

You can order 70 minutes of music by Bunita Marcus on a custom CD with a personalized note from Bunita to you about your selected works.

See our Download/ CD page

- Posted by Bunita August 16, 2011


All-Star CD in Production

Aki Takahashi - Julia; Flux Quartet - The Rugmaker; Music For Japan - Adapter Ensemble; Adam and Eve - The Glass Farm Ensemble, conducted by Bunita Marcus


Maria De Alvear is masterminding this CD for World Edition. The CD will be available from this website, and other New Music distributors.


Release date: Spring 2012.

- Posted by Bunita August 16, 2011


Last year's birthday

Birthday/Concert/Brunch Celebration.  Sunday May 8th, 12 -3 pm, Piano Magic, NYC.  Bunita Marcus, Christina Stripling, Paul Gallagher and Isabelle OConnell will be perfoming her music in celebration of her 59th birthday.  Bunita's newest work, BEIGE AND YELLOW, will be premiered by Martin Loyato, cornet, and Brian Groder, trumpet.  Nathan Bibb, a student of Dr. Marcus, will be performimg his new composition "Haruspex et Augur" on piano.  It's Mother's Day, so it's a family event.  Kids welcome.

- Posted by Bunita April 21, 2011


Photo by Leo Smit


Two-Part Audio/Visual Lectures

1) The Influence of Rugs and Paintings on
     his Composition and Orchestration

2) His Compositional Process and Notation,
    Implications for the Future

Presented by Bunita Marcus, Ph.D.

1-3 pm, Jan. 16th and 23rd, 2011 in Tribeca, NYC
Piano Magic, 78 Reade Street #5E, 10007

- Posted by Bunita December 13, 2010


Bunita Marcus was just awarded a grant this August from the Artists and Writers Fund of the American Academy of Arts and Letters to continue her work in music composition.

- Posted by Bunita October 18, 2010


Photo by Molly Sheridan

Bunita Marcus is the featured composer on the American Music Center's  award-winning NewMusicBox website for the month of August, 2010.  There is an extensive interview, a video and a scholarly article by composer/musicologist Jenny Johnson.  Be sure to catch this informative interview on the life of Bunita Marcus and her friendships with Morton Feldman and John Cage:

- Posted by Bunita August 2, 2010


Photograph by Violet Hammes

Underway is a new work for bass clarinet, orchestra and tape. It is called Sacred Souls and it is dedicated to the victims of child abuse. In this work the bass clarinet will represent the sacred souls, and the orchestra will wield the power of the toxic abusers. This is an autobiographical work-in-progress and is part of my research in Music and Trauma.


Bunita Marcus at age 6 with her three younger sisters.

- Posted by Bunita July 13, 2010


Morton Feldman

Photo © Roberto Masotti

Bunita Marcus's lecture on Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts has been rescheduled for May 30, 2010 at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. .  Dr. Marcus's article The Square Knot, A Memoir is available in the full catalog of this fascinating exhibition which looks at the influences of paintings and rugs on Feldman's music. It is an important contribution to the literature on Feldman. The whole catalog is available here.

- Posted by Bunita May 13, 2010


Bunita Marcus and Jenny Johnson

Photo by Erika Kuciw

The Rugmaker Project Begins


This collaborative project between composers Bunita Marcus and Jenny Johnson and the photographer Erika Kuciw focusses on an analysis of my work The Rugmaker. Our subject is music and trauma. In this composition I wrote about my incest experiences before I had recalled the incidents. How did this happen? Dr. Johnson explores the work from this perspective. She will be lecturing on the subject April 5th at 4:00pm, at the Wellesley College Newhouse Center for the Humanities (part of their "Salon" series). A second talk is at the Uses and Abuses of Sound conference in Koli, Finland, which takes place June 16-19, 2010. Dr. Marcus is writing on her compositional process and how that contributed to the work. Future plans include a performance of The Rugmaker along with Dr. Johnson's lecture and photographs by Erika Kuciw. For more information visit  Jenny Johnson's website.

- Posted by Bunita April 2, 2010