Bunita recording the speaking part to "Lecture for Jo Kondo," Berlin 11/27/11
Photo by Marc Tritschler

Download Bunita's hits from the 80s, either as individual works or the complete 80-minute album. You will be able to listen to the complete composition before deciding to download it.

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Sugar Cubes
2012 CD/DVD from Testklang, Germany

The innovative Testklang Recording Cooperative has designed a CD/DVD package based on Bunita Marcus' music. There is a brilliantly performed and mastered CD of piano and ensemble works. The DVD showcases a film based on Marcus' "Sleeping Women" by filmmaker Aron Kitzig, as well as three discussions with Testklang's Creative Team on how the complete project was conceptualized and produced.

"There is strength in the delicacy of composer Bunita Marcus' music. It can manifest itself in a single note. Standing in the sunshine, with eyes closed, on a winter's day, to feel one drop of water on the cheek from an icicle above, one small impact that wakes up the hearer: this is here/now." - Glen Hall for Exclaim!

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The Sugar Cubes CD/DVD includes an orchestration by Morton Feldman of Bunita's piano composition "Merry Christmas Mrs. Whiting." The original solo piano version of this work was recorded by Marc Tritschler during the making of the Sugar Cubes CD/DVD. It is not in the final Testklang CD/DVD package and is now being offered as a separate free download here. Please login or register (only starred items needed) to activate the Testklang download links. Enjoy the music!

"This piece is what my heart needed today. Beauty like this make words crumble into letter." -- composer and artist Gil Sansón.

Burnt by Bunny
A Custom CD by Bunita Marcus

You can order up to 5 works or 70 minutes of Bunita Marcus' original compositions on a personalized CD with a note from Bunita to you about your selected works. $30 (including shipping and handling).

1. Choose your selections from the list of compositions.

2. Place your order. We use Paypal to make our transactions, but you DO NOT have to have an account or sign up for one.

3. There will be a Composition Selection area in the order form where you can list the composition titles of choice.

4. You will receive your personalized CD in 2-3 weeks


The Icelandic Ensemble Adaptar has just recorded a sensational performance of Music for Japan. In this composition I tried to write an ugly piece. This work was a favorite of Morton Feldman and Toru Takemitsu. The amazing performance by Adapter captures all the shocks, jolts and experiments of this challenging composition. Click here to order a copy.

Bang on a Can Vol.3
Composers Recording Inc. CD 672

Includes Adam & Eve, a 19 minute work composed and conducted by Bunita Marcus, and other works by Nick Didkovsky, Mary Wright, Linda Bouchard, Orlando Garcia and Paul Reller - all featured at the Bang on a Can Music Festival
$15.00 (+ $3.00 shipping and handling)

Beatrix Wagner, Flutes
Ambitus 96 831

Featuring Solo for Flute by Bunita Marcus with compositions by Nicolaus A. Huber, First Play Mozart; Gerald Eckert, Dem Schweigenden Antlitz; Heinz Holliger, (T)AIR(E)
$15.00 (+ $3.00 shipping and handling)